The Long Term Effects of Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation can have long term effects for some women. The pressure to have a tubal ligation can be great and with the passage of time the effects of this procedure upon one’s life can gradually begin to reveal themselves. Although having your tubes tied is a simple method to prevent pregnancy, this simple procedure can have unforeseen and lasting effects upon those who have them.

In this blog post Dr. Berger of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center reports:

Tubal regret is a common post tubal ligation symptom. For some this regret of having made a permanent decision can lead to depression and despair because as life changes and one’s situation markedly improves the desire to have more children will gradually emerge; however, the ability to do so will not unless serious decisions are made.

It is possible to have more children after tubes have been tied and the three options are: tubal ligation reversal, in-vitro fertilization, and adoption.

Some women will pursue adoption but many have a strong desire to have their own children. In-vitro fertilization or tubal reversal will be the most common choices for women. Tubal reversal allows excellent chances at pregnancy and, in addition, can offer women a path to reverse the guilt and regret they may have experienced after a tubal ligation procedure.


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