Essure Reversal Patient Updates

Essure Reversal Continues To Be A Successful Surgery

Essure inserts commonly called coils are placed into the fallopian tubes to form an occlusion or blockage, they were approved for use in the United States on November 4, 2002.

Many women later regret their sterilization. Whilst the Essure procedure is reported to be permanent and not reversible by the manufacturing company, and many doctors tell their patients Essure sterilization is the most permanent of all types of tubal ligations, it can now be reversed and several doctors have successfully removed the implants and restored fertility.

The reversal specialists of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center were among the first doctors in the world to describe successful pregnancy after surgically reversing Essure sterilization.

Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center were the first to publish detailed case reports of successful full term pregnancies after the reversal of Essure. Since their first case report they have performed many more Essure reversals and have provided many couples with the ability to become naturally pregnant again.

Many patients have traveled to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to have their Essure reversed. The chance of pregnancy after Essure reversal is approximately 30% and this provides many couples with an alternative to in-vitro fertilization. Not only is the success rate of Essure reversal comparable to the success rate of in-vitro but the surgery to reverse Essure is also much more affordable when done by the Essure reversing specialists of the reversal center.

Many women also come to the center to have their Essure coils removed because of abnormal symptoms they have experienced after the coils were inserted. These women also benefit from the experience of these reversal doctors and are able to have their coils removed during a 40 minute out-patient procedure. Many of these women will have immediate improvement after Essure coil removal. So no matter if you goal is to become pregnant or to treat Essure side-effects, Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center is the only place to have your Essure reversal and removal surgery.

Dr Monteith and Dr. Berger at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center performed 90 Essure reversals between January 2009 and June 2013.

The 12 month follow-up has been completed on 56 patients and 16 of these patients have reported pregnancy and this number will rise.

The total cost of Essure reversal is $7500 at our specialty center and gives couple the chance of normal pregnancy each month thereafter, in comparison, the average cost for a single IVF treatment cycle in the US is $12,000.

Update on Essure reversal from patients of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center,

Families have posted photos of their babies born after essure devices were removed and fertility restored, allowing couples to have a natural pregnancy.

Reversing Essure Sterilization With Outpatient Surgery
– Testimonial #1481
Posted on April 5, 2013

“When I first told me OB/Gyn that I was having Essure reversed he didn’t think it was possible. Now he is a believer that Essure can be reversed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have another child” Wendy H., Rainsville, Alabama.

Is The Essure Procedure Reversible? Ask Shannon!
– Testimonial #1470
Posted on March 13, 2013

“I was nervous after having the Essure reversal. Everything went great and he is a very healthy baby boy! Thank you so much for making this blessing a possibility for us.” Shannon A., Waukee, Iowa

Essure Reversal Baby: Essure Can Be Reversed!
– Testimonial #1352
Posted on July 29, 2012

A recent Essure reversal patient, Teresa, had a successful reversal of Essure and delivered a healthy baby boy almost exactly a year later. This photo should offer hope to many women, provide proof Essure can be surgically reversed, and demonstrate Essure reversal can be a successful alternative to in-vitro fertilization. Congratulations to Teresa F. from Reading, Pennsylvania

1st Essure Reversal Baby Born
– Testimonial #1102
Posted on March 30, 2011

“Dr. Berger – We are so excited that we have our Essure Reversal baby that we never thought we could have. She is just everything that we had wished and prayed for. Thank you for making our dreams come true and giving us our sweet baby girl.” Michelle S., Parker, Colorado

Birth To A Healthy Beautiful Baby
– Testimonial #1034

“Dear Dr. Berger – After having the surgery to have my tubes implanted into the back of my uterus, I was not very sure that the surgery was a success. Here it is over a year later and I have given birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy.” Frances D., Michigan.

More Essure news from CHTRC

Essure Reversal Baby Born Time
A patient who had her Essure coils removed and surgically implanted into her uterus announces the birth of her newborn son, born right on time. StacyAnn posts, “To my surprise baby Matthew made his appearance into the world on 9-16-2013 at 11:17 pm. He came 3 weeks exactly before his due date. I did have to have an emergency c-section because of the circumstances and once I found out he was coming he was out within an hour. I thank God for guiding my husband and I to Chapel Hill and for guiding Dr Monteith’s Hands”. Matthew and mom are recovering well and she is so ecstatic about having him safe and sound. Dr. Charles Monteith is the only Essure Reversal specialist in the world committed to the practice of reversing all forms of tubal ligations.

Essure Removal Is Possible
Dr. Berger and Dr. Monteith were the first to perform and document Essure coil removal. Women find having the Essure coils inserted in a doctor’s office an attractive alternative to having general anesthesia to have their tubes tied only to develop side effects. Essure patients often complain of localized pelvic pain or generalized symptoms leading them to want these coils removed. They are told by their doctors the coils cannot be removed and the only option is a hysterectomy. Christina, an Essure removal patient, wrote, “I contacted Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal center and Dr. Monteith because, I found out I was allergic to my Essure coils. I had to have them removed as soon as possible. My local OBGYN was ready to perform the surgery but only had training to offer me a hysterectomy. I made the decision to drive down 4 1/2 hours and have Dr. Monteith remove my Essure coils with out losing any of my uterus or fallopian tubes. I am left intact and I can lead a normal life again. Thank you so much for offering this expertise to myself and others. You have changed the future of medicine and deserve an AWARD!!!!!” Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center schedules two to four Essure removals a week. Christina did not desire to get pregnant again but there are women who want the coils out and get pregnant. Being an expert tubal repair surgeon, Dr. Monteith can remove the Essure coils and re-implant the patient’s healthy tube into a healthy area of the uterus giving these women a chance each month to conceive.

Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center offers free phone consultations with experienced Tubal Reversal Nurses, who exclusively specialize in tubal surgery and able to answer most questions about tubal surgery.

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